Let Me Be Frank – Review

I’ve ‘met‘ Kevin Spacey before. It was when I was an extra on #Netflix’s House Of Cards and before the allegations of him being any sort of sexual predator came out. I’d like to say that there was something off about him, but if I did I’d be lying. Sure, he came off as stand-offish […]

Netflix Is Raising Prices….

And I am OK with that because their service is  so reasonably priced in the first place.  It normally costs $7.99 and is going up a dollar, though the increase applies only to new users, while current users are ‘grandfathered’ in at the current rate for two more years. Sounds good to me, and not only because […]

Hanging At ‘Hemlock Grove’

“Hemlock Grove” is an oddly captivating series, less for its content – it lacks the blatant sexuality of “American Horror Story” as well as its hit-or-miss shock value – than the fact that Netflix is releasing it the same fashion as they did in the case of “House of Cards,” which is the entire series […]