Let Me Be Frank – Review

I’ve ‘met‘ Kevin Spacey before.

It was when I was an extra on #Netflix’s House Of Cards and before the allegations of him being any sort of sexual predator came out.

I’d like to say that there was something off about him, but if I did I’d be lying.

Sure, he came off as stand-offish (particularly toward the extras) but if being arrogant were an indicator of someone being a serial sexual predator then I’ve come into contact with lots of them, of both sexes.

Which brings me to the campy video recently released by Spacey that is just a little bit weird (and off-putting).

He appears to be acting as President Underwood from the aforementioned Netflix series and seemingly responding to his accusers, as well as the people who believe them.

It not only makes me wonder who would advise Spacey to do something so odd (and counter-intuitive) but it feels as if he’s treating the accusations-and by extension the accusers-as if they’re part of some sort of salacious joke

But as far as I can tell, no one is laughing.

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