Netflix Is Raising Prices….

Netflix NoticeAnd I am OK with that because their service is  so reasonably priced in the first place.  It normally costs $7.99 and is going up a dollar, though the increase applies only to new users, while current users are ‘grandfathered’ in at the current rate for two more years.

Sounds good to me, and not only because I happen to be one of those current users.  As I said earlier, Netflix is pretty cheap.  It actually costs about three soy Chai Lattes from Starbucks, which means that either their service is as cheap as I said it is or Starbucks charges way too much for lattes.

Sure, the movies that turn up on Netflix aren’t generally first run features, then again, if I really need to see a movie when it originally comes out, there’s always the movie theater.

Netflix, as far as I understand it, are able to keep their prices so reasonable because in the past few years they have been investing in expanding their customer base, which means that the more people that use the service, the easier it is for them to keep price increase–now and in the future–relatively low and well as providing content unique to Neflix, such as “House of Cards,” “Orange Is The New Black” and the upcoming series’  from Marvel Studios based upon Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, and Daredevil, and culminating in The Defenders.

Because it’s not the price increases in and of themselves, it’s the value that they add, and as far as I can tell, Netflix is bursting with value for the money.

And besides, would it kill me to go without a latte or two every once in awhile?

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