‘Blood Glacier’ Trailer

I have to admit that I have been jonsing for a really entertaining horror movie for awhile, and have yet to scratch what’s been a particularly irksome itch.  I saw “Oculus” a few weeks ago; good movie, though barely an appetizer.  I need something really ambitious, something primarily practical–minimal CGI–and so creepy in the atmosphere department that every pile of clothing around my apartment takes on all sorts of sinister connotations in the dark.

Something in the vein of “John Carpenter’s The Thing” would be most excellent, but seeing that very few people make movies like that anymore I don’t think that i’ll hold my breath.

That is, till I saw the trailer for Marvin Kren‘s “Blood Glacier” (or “Bludgletcher,” which I think is German because his last movie, a zombie thriller called “Rammbock,” was. Good movie by the way).

The trailer seems to involve global warming, and some mutagenic element from the past being reintroduced to the present.  I can’t tell from the trailer, but it almost appears like a tribute to Carpenter’s movie, which means that maybe that I could get some neat practical gore effects.

I think I am feeling better already.

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