Zach Snyder’s ‘Superman’

I must admit that when I heard that Zach Snyder had cast Henry Cavill as Superman in the upcoming reboot, I didn’t think much of the decision.  First, Zach Snyder was directing, which is an issue depending upon what you think about what he has done so far.  I think that he’s competent, but not by any means exceptional.  I mean, “300” was OK, though not considered to be the most masculine film ever made by some–which is ironic, considering that the film is about conflict on a large scale; and there are few things considered more masculine that death and destruction.

The question is if he has the directoral chops necessary to handle a character as well-known, as iconic, as Superman.  His last film, “Sucker Punch”, may have caused some to reconsider their faith in his abilities.

As I have said, I am not sure that Zach Snyder can carry this film, though if there’s one thing that I don’t doubt, and that’s his choice of Henry Cavill.  I had never seen him act, and the pictures that I have seen since only reinforced that a bad choice was made.  That is, till I saw Joel Schumacher’s Blood Creek.  It was a pretty mediocre horror film, though the cast was an interesting one.

As I said, the film wasn’t very good, but Henry Cavill was.  He appeared taller than he did in interviews, when he’s generally seated; Superman is a tall guy.  Under six feet would be unacceptable in my book.  I guess he’s at least 6′ tall, and has looks that many could consider All-American, despite hailing from the United Kingdom.

He looks like he could not only pull off Superman, but Clark Kent, which is perhaps the hardest of the two roles.

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