Trailer Into REaction: Boss Level (2021) | Official Trailer

I recently canceled by subscription to Hulu, mainly because between free Tubi, Netflix and Amazon it felt like a bit of an also-ran (I had the tier with commercials because even at that point the value proposition never quite worked for me). It goes without saying that literally the day I cancel my subscription I […]

JD’s Cure For Remakes

The ‘JD’ in the title is for John Dorian, from 2001’s “Scrubs,” a television show that originally aired on NBC for nine years, before it moved to ABC. I am watching the Democratic Convention, though earlier I was thinking about the trend toward remakes.  There’s the upcoming “Red Dawn” remake, that appears to have The […]

No Wish Like A ‘Death Wish’

When I heard that Joe Carnahan was moving on to a remake of Michael Winner’s “Death Wish,” from the aborted “Daredevil,”I was relieved that another property has made its way back to The House Of Ideas (where he joins the Punisher and Blade).  What I wasn’t so crazy was that another film that didn’t require […]

‘Daredevil’ Reboot D.O.A?

Been a slow news day, though I stumbled upon something interesting at SuperHeroHype. According to Joe Carnahan, Fox’s upcoming “Daredevil” reboot is dead on arrival.  This isn’t surprising, if it happens to be the case, because the only way that Fox could reboot the franchise would be for them to turn over the rights to […]