Joe Carnahan’s ‘Stretch’ Is On Netflix

I don’t get it.  Joe Carnahan is a big-name director.  Hell, he’s not only directed movies like The Grey, The A-Team and Smokin’ Aces but the last I heard he was executive producing the hit NBC show, The Blacklist.

So how is it that his last movie, Stretch, seemed to bypass theatrical release entirely, and end up on Netflix–I’m watching it as I type–I have no idea (not to look a gifted horse in the mouth), but it’s pretty wild movie.

It stars Ed Helms, Jessica Alba, David Hasselhoff (who actually does scary really well, which for some reason surprised me.  And apropos of nothing, Hasselhoff is aging really well, though you can tell he’s had a bit of facial work done.  Which is okay though what I don’t get is why he seems to have neglected his neck, which looks older than the rest of him) Ray Liotta and Chris Pine.

Pine and Liotta appear to be favorites of Carnahan’s because they both in Smokin’ Aces as well.

Stretch is also a bit hard to categorize.  If I were to call it anything, I’d call it a ‘dark comedy,’ with a particularly pervy slant.  In fact, the movie tries so hard to be weird that things feel a bit forced at times

But everyone involved pretty game, so it’s all good.

And Rafi (Jason Mantzoukas), from The League, is in it!  Blink, and you’re miss him, but it’s fraggin’ Rafi!

What’s sort of odd is that Stretch is a Universal movie, yet when Stretch (Patrick Wilson)–who’s name is Kevin–drops off Ray Liotta, Liotta tells him that he was working for Sony.

6 thoughts on “Joe Carnahan’s ‘Stretch’ Is On Netflix

  1. It’s a really great movie, and it’s criminal that it got dumped online instead of being given a shot. It’s been on iTunes for the past month, but you wouldn’t know it for the lack of discussion around it. Complete shame, but at least there’s a great movie to be had.

      1. I won’t argue that it’s a slag heap of dirty zaniness, but I think that it builds up some good momentum and it’s all held together by a sweet little character arc. But one way or the other it deserved a much better fate than it’s gotten so far.

      2. You see his face for just a moment–it’s not the clearest shot, and it’s at night on top of it–but I could swear it’s him.

        Of course, the credits aren’t sharp enough to read.

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