Slice – Official Trailer

You have to hand it to A24. After all, this is the same studio that released Hereditary so it wouldn’t shock me if after that bit of retro-horror they’d rest on their laurels and go with something a little more conventional. And you’d be wrong because it’s followup is Slice, a movie apparently about a […]

Captain Underpants – Trailer

Is it a little odd that seeing the trailer for Captain Underpants I really have an urge to read the books it’s based on? In any case, with voice acting by Kevin Hart, Nick Kroll and Ed Helms the cast is pretty spectacular though with Kroll as (apparently) the villain of the piece it comes off a […]

Krampus – Trailer

Finally, a Christmas movie I can get behind!  Instead of being maudlin and glamorizing what has essentially become the time of year when we gauge how much someone loves us by the amount of stuff they buy us, we instead get what appears to be a life and death battle against the Krampus (who’s like an anti-Klaus in […]

Jon Lajoie: The Anti-Neil Young

If you’ve seen the brilliant insanity and mean-spiritedness (in the best possible way) of the FXX fantasy football (faux football) comedy “The League,” you know who Taco (Jon Lajoie) is.  Thanks to The Daily Beast I learned this morning that he’s for sale. As in he wants sponsors and advertisers to “Please Use This Song.” […]

‘Bad Milo!’ Review

“”Bad Milo!” Is Disgustingly Hilarious!” (Spoilers follow) Imagine E.T., if instead of outer space, he came from inner space. And by “inner” I mean your ass. “Bad Milo!” is a film directed by Jacob Vaughan, and Executive Produced the Duplass Brothers (Jay and Mark).  Mark Duplass acts as well, and probably is most well-known as […]

‘Veronica Mars’ Trailer

Remember the much-talked about Kickstarter campaign to revive the cancelled 2004 CW series “Veronica Mars?”  Being that you’re seeing the trailer, it goes without saying that the campaign was a success. That being said, I have no idea how the trailer is.  I mean, it looks OK, but seeing that I never actually watched the […]