Prometheus REvisited

I’ve been rewatching Ridley Scott’s Prometheus recently and while his reported weariness of dealing with the Alien is fairly obvious, what bears mentioning is that there are few directors with an eye as all-encompassing, as acute, as Scott’s. From the way its shot to the casting, special effects, prop design and costumes, everything just works […]

Alien: Covenant – Meet Walter – Trailer

This is a fascinating trailer (and probably more interesting than any trailer has any right to be), so let’s start at the beginning. First off, take a gander at this.  Why are they wearing these masks?  It certainly isn’t for reasons of protecting against the introduction of bacteria because they have so many large holes […]

Assassin’s Creed – Official Trailer 2

I honestly don’t know about this movie, both literally and figuratively because it doesn’t feel as if there’s any particular reason to make it more than someone  thought that the video game is awesome and would makes a great movie. And who knows? Maybe it will, maybe it won’t (I said I don’t know). Though […]

Macbeth – Trailer

[youtube-] Michael Fassbender as Macbeth?  I was never a huge Shakespeare fan though I always had a special place in my heart for Macbeth (“Double, double, toil and trouble…”).  So, despite the fact that there are no spaceships, monsters (at least none not of the human variety) or superheroes, this is a movie that I’d consider catching.

Steve Jobs – Official Trailer 1

Michael Fassbender appears to be an excellent Steve Jobs in Steve Jobs.  That being said, the trailer seems to spend a bit of time focusing on some of his more…unsavory behaviors, such has the way he was a dick toward his ex.  It comes off a bit unseemly, though I guess as long as it’s balanced by […]

Steve Jobs – Teaser Trailer

When the news came out that David Fincher was no longer directing the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic, and that Danny Boyle was, people on various forums were complaining about what a terrible choice that was (especially compared to Fincher). I wasn’t amongst them because I have always thought that Boyle was a very talented director.  Everything […]

Frank – Review

“”Frank” Is Thematically Reminiscent Of “Boyhood,” Except Stuff Happens.” Lenny Abrahamson‘s Frank in some ways reminded me of Boyhood, in the sense that both movies are about change and growing up, but what I find most interesting how the former film is at times touching, sad, funny and irritating, as opposed to the latter, which–particularly after […]

Postmortem: Prometheus (2012)

Ridley Scott, even when his films are sort of silly, like “Legend,” look absolutely remarkable.  He has an eye that manages to catch the smallest details, but his ear for nonsensical story beats is not quite so acute. For instance, while “Prometheus” was gorgeous to look at, but if you give it any sort of consideration, […]

‘The Counselor’ Trailer

Funny, on first hearing the title of Ridley Scott’s follow-up to “Prometheus,” it never occurred to me that it referred to a lawyer.  Prior to this trailer I imagined it was about a high school athletics coach or something. And whoever cuts trailers for Scott deserves some sort of recognition because they always manage to […]