REview: Outer Banks (2020) | A YA Drama That Needs More Young Adults

Netflix’s Outer Banks is a new YA (young adult) series that–as I mention in my review–plays like an above average episode of Scooby Doo. And that’s okay because I enjoyed that cartoon though I’m not accustomed to seeing it seemingly treated in Riverdale fashion (though it’s oddly more faithful). And while I don’t necessarily think […]

The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina – Trailer

Shows like Riverdale and now The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina I find genuinely perplexing because they take what people read the comics for–humor and an often irrelevant tone–and turn them, in the case of the former, to essentially 90210. It’s really odd and a little off-putting for me, which is why so have yet to […]

CHiPS – Official Trailer #1

Apparently Erik Estrada (who played Officer Frank Poncherello in the 1977 series CHiPs, which stands for California Highway Patrol) is none too happy about Dax Shepard‘s reinterpretation of the show he co-headlined with Larry Wilcox. The truth of it is that I have no idea if Estrada has even seen the movie–though he mentioned about […]