The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina – Official Trailer

I don’t know about this…

At first I was at least curious about Netflix’s The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina, but after having watched the full trailer…I don’t know (though my reasoning differs from why I can’t seem to get into Riverdale).

In the trailer Sabrina is offered a choice: to become a fully-fledged witch (assuming that that would mean she has to abandon her witchy ways) or stay human and have to give up all the advantages of being a witch(?)

The problem with this choice is that I get the feeling that the benefits of being a witch will not only not be terribly apparent (beyond cheap parlor trick magic, that is) nor will what it means to be the chosen of Satan.

In other words, in my head I see the opportunity for some really high drama as Sabrina fights both sides of her nature, and the temptations they have to offer.

And I see gore, sex and horror, kind of like Rosemary’s Baby, dialed up to eleven.

And I KNOW I’m not going to get that.

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