Review: H.P. Lovecraft’s The Deep Ones (2020) | A Middling Adaptation

Recently I watched Chad Ferrin’s H.P. Lovecraft’s The Deep Ones and it made me realize something, namely the better adaptations – or maybe those with the most notoriety – were directed by Stuart Gordon (Herbert West: Reanimator, From Beyond, Dagon, Castle Freak), none of which were particularly faithful to the material they were based on. […]

Hell Fest – Review

Hell Fest is not a good movie.  It’s seemingly a throwback to 1980’s slasher films–not a bad thing in and of itself,  Hereditary, released earlier this month, is itself a throwback to movies like Rosemary’s Baby–but where Hell Fest goes wrong is that it’s a throwback to the worse tendencies of slasher movies, with archetypes […]

Susperia: Teaser Trailer Re-Cut

While I readily admit that a remake of Dario Argento’s giallo classic Susperia is a pretty good idea–despite not being a fan of remakes in general–I’m not terribly fond of the trailers so far released. They–particularly the first full trailer–feels too restrained, too subtle, too retro Horror (which I define as a horror movie that […]

The Neon Demon – Trailer

You’ve got to give it to Nicholas Winding Refn–he of the awfully cool name–who,  visually speaking, is probably one of the most interesting directors working today. The way he uses color reminds me of Guillermo Del Toro, who also uses it to indicate a certain atmosphere and feel. So it goes without saying that the trailer is […]

‘Rosemary’s Baby’ Reboot

This is going to sound like sacrilege, but I have to say it:  I never liked Roman Polanski’s “Rosemary’s Baby.”  There, my secret is out.  It’s treated like some sort of classic of slow-burn horror by most people who have seen it, but from what I could tell, it’s just slow.  In some ways the […]

‘Carnage’ Trailer

Below is the the trailer for Roman Polanski‘s “Carnage.”  The last film of his I saw was “Rosemary’s Baby,” which was not nearly as entertaining as it was made out to be.  I have no intention of seeing anything else that the man puts out–and kick myself on occasion for even seeing ‘Rosemary,’–because there’s that […]