Aquaman – Extended Trailer

I’ve got to admit, this one sold me.

I’ve been ambivalent about an Aquaman movie every since that ridiculous footage from Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

And while the snow-globe opening of this trailer is a bit of a cliche (for some reason Citizen Kane popped into my head though I’m sure that wasn’t intentional) and while I still find Jason Momoa’s portrayal as irritating at points as I ever did, the action set pieces were pretty dynamic and more than compensated.

And Black Manta…magnifique! He’s the primary reason I’m at all interested in seeing the movie–he was always one of my favorite DC characters–and here he seems to be giving Aquaman a run for his money.

That being said, I expect his screen time to be relatively minimal (as he’s likely not the primary villain).

I have no intention of seeing Venom–I think I’ll cut a video this weekend to discuss that decision–but I might give Aquaman a chance.

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