REview: Outer Banks (2020) | A YA Drama That Needs More Young Adults

Netflix’s Outer Banks is a new YA (young adult) series that–as I mention in my review–plays like an above average episode of Scooby Doo.

And that’s okay because I enjoyed that cartoon though I’m not accustomed to seeing it seemingly treated in Riverdale fashion (though it’s oddly more faithful).

And while I don’t necessarily think that the producers were actively revisiting the adventures of a bunch of teenagers going from place to place in their van solving mysteries, there’re too many examples of it for it to be entirely a coincidence.

Though a greater problem with Outer Banks is for a series that revolves around a bunch of 16 year olds all the protagonists are in their early-to-mid twenties.

It would still be a problem, though less of one if characters wouldn’t mention it as often as they do.

When Tom Holland plays a teenager in the Spider-Man movies–he’s actually 23–at least he looks like a seventeen or eighteen year old (though it helps that they don’t mention his age and instead just let viewers fill in the blanks).

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