Ryan Reynolds As The Next Batman!? Really?

Let me start by saying that Ryan Reynolds seems to be an affable, charismatic actor, whom I enjoyed watching in films like 2005’s “Just Friends” or the more recent “Safe House.” Heck, he even was interesting in last year’s “Green Lantern.” The problem is that I am not entirely sure that Reynolds can headline a […]

Brian’s ‘Safe House’ Review

“Frost is a man on fire, and God help anyone who gets in his way.”   Denzel Washington has to be one of the most versatile leading men in Hollywood.  In fact, I can recall no other actor in recent memory who’s so effortlessly able to move from corrupt–as Det. Alonzo Harris in “Training Day,” […]

‘Safe House’ Trailer

I don’t generally think of Denzel Washington as playing dangerous characters because there’s something very reassuring about him.  “Comforting” isn’t quite the word that I would use to describe this feeling, though you trust him. Which is probably why he oftentimes plays against type, such as his roles in “Man On Fire” and “Training Day.” […]

‘Green Lantern’ Review

This review of “Green Lantern” contains a videoclip that could be considered as a spoiler.  If you want to go into the film with as little knowledge as possible, please do not watch. Anyone that says or implies that “Green Lantern” is worst film of the summer–so far–isn’t being entirely honest.  To be the best […]

New Green Lantern Trailer Shines Onto iTunes

The new Green Lantern trailer is now available via iTunes, and while he is one of my favorite DC Comics characters, I am not sure how to feel about this.  The new costume is interesting, but I can’t get around the mask.  It looks like it’s made of stone, and doesn’t work too well (for […]