‘Safe House’ Trailer

I don’t generally think of Denzel Washington as playing dangerous characters because there’s something very reassuring about him.  “Comforting” isn’t quite the word that I would use to describe this feeling, though you trust him.

Which is probably why he oftentimes plays against type, such as his roles in “Man On Fire” and “Training Day.”

Looking at the “Safe House” trailer, I think we’ll be seeing more of the dangerous Denzel Washington, as opposed to the tough love Denzel Washington from films like  “Remember The Titans” and “Unstoppable.”

It’s also nice to see that Ryan Reynolds is starring in a movie that will more than likely be very successful, since he’s been having a bit of difficulty lately.  I think “Safe House” will show that Reynolds is stronger as a supporting player, and highlight that he does not yet have the box-office appeal to carry an action film.

The film is directed by Daniel Espinosa (who happens to be Swedish), but the trailer looks like something done by Tony Scott, a frequent collaborator with Washington.

3 thoughts on “‘Safe House’ Trailer

  1. Yeah, I caught this for the first time yesterday when I was checking out Tower Heist. It looks pretty good actually. I like the concept that Denzel is ten steps ahead of Ryan Reynolds and able to warp his mind. That’s pretty cool…

    1. I haven’t seen “Tower Heist” (I have issues with Brett Rattner’s work because I don’t think that he’s a very good director) but “Safe House” looks like something that I can get into. Denzel Washington always delivers an interesting performance, while Ryan Reynolds can be pretty engaging if he has the right material.

      Though I don’t think anyone is seeing this film for Reynolds.

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