Review – Alien: Harvest | Episode 6

Alien: Harvest is the sixth 40th Anniversary Alien short and it’s a bit of a mixed bag. Visually, it’s likely the strongest of the series and reminds me more of Tony Scott than Ridley Scott. The place where it falls apart is toward the end where it plays less like a cohesive narrative than a […]

A Hologram For The King – Trailer

I readily admit that Tom Twyker’s A Hologram For The King isn’t the type of movie that I typically go for, though there are a few things about it that pique my interest. First off, you have Tom Hanks reciting the lyrics for The Talking Heads “Once In A Lifetime, which is awesome. Then there’s Twyker himself, […]

Predestination – Trailer

Before I begin I think that I should acknowledge that Benedict Cumberbatch is a good actor. That being said, I don’t necessarily think that he’s a good choice for Marvel Studios upcoming Doctor Strange.  For awhile Ethan Hawke was in the running–and I get the feeling that if the choice were entirely Scott Derrickson’s he’d […]

‘The Equalizer’ Trailer

Denzel Washington isn’t necessarily a prolific actor, but he is a reliable one.  He has the enviable ability to elevate every movie that’s he’s in, a talent that came in handy during movies like Ricochet (which could use a bit of elevating). I have always thought of Washington as Tony Scott’s muse, which was why Scott killing […]

‘The Warriors’

Walter Hill’s “The Warriors” has always been a favorite film of mine.  It manages to hold up pretty well, despite being made in 1979.  Part of what makes it so durable is that the story is essentially a simple one, which is a gang from Coney Island comes to Manhattan for a big meeting, attended […]

Blatantly Lurid Tendencies

What happened to Tony Scott was tragic, though suicide generally is. Whatever one may think about the act, whether or not it’s right, wrong or whatever, concerns me less than the blatantly lurid tendencies that seem to emerge when such things happen to famous people (the non-famous don’t seem to attract as much attention, for […]

‘Safe House’ Trailer

I don’t generally think of Denzel Washington as playing dangerous characters because there’s something very reassuring about him.  “Comforting” isn’t quite the word that I would use to describe this feeling, though you trust him. Which is probably why he oftentimes plays against type, such as his roles in “Man On Fire” and “Training Day.” […]