‘The Equalizer’ Trailer

Denzel Washington isn’t necessarily a prolific actor, but he is a reliable one.  He has the enviable ability to elevate every movie that’s he’s in, a talent that came in handy during movies like Ricochet (which could use a bit of elevating).

I have always thought of Washington as Tony Scott’s muse, which was why Scott killing himself last year struck me as so unusual.  They had prior completed the out-of-control train thriller Unstoppable, and I was waiting to hear about their next project.
Enter Antoine Fuqua (Tears of the Sun, Shooter, Olympus Has Fallen), a director who directed one of Washington’s most highly regarded films, Training Day.
He’s working with Fuqua again, this time with a big screen version of CBS’s The Equalizer, which in its television incarnation starred Edward Woodward (R.I.P.).

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