Ryan Reynolds As The Next Batman!? Really?

Let me start by saying that Ryan Reynolds seems to be an affable, charismatic actor, whom I enjoyed watching in films like 2005’s “Just Friends” or the more recent “Safe House.”

Heck, he even was interesting in last year’s “Green Lantern.”

The problem is that I am not entirely sure that Reynolds can headline a movie, primarily because he hasn’t been too successful at it yet (which is not to say that he shouldn’t be given the opportunity to do so, but I suspect that he doesn’t want to get into a Taylor Kitsch-type situation, where you headline one, or even two, big multi-million dollar films that both end up as failures  (To be fair to Taylor Kitsch, “Battleship” and “John Carter” failed for reasons that had little to do with him–one was too silly to make a movie about in the first place, the other too obscure–but it doesn’t change that he probably will not be offered any tentpoles anytime soon).

After all, Reynolds already has “Green Lantern,” which while not as spectacular a box office failure as “John Carter,” was still a failure.

Like Kitsch, “Green Lantern’s” failure had little to do with Reynolds more so than it was badly written, as well as visualized.

The aforementioned “Safe House” earned over $200 million worldwide, but the thing is, it was more a Denzel Washington film that happened to have Ryan Reynolds in it, as opposed to a Ryan Reynolds film.

In other words, you could have cast a lot of people opposite Denzel Washington, and “Safe House” would have still done well.

What does that have to do with Reynolds being considered for Batman?  Plenty, in that, since “The Dark Knight Rises” will be the last film for Christopher Nolan, there’s no way that a multi-billion dollar franchise isn’t going to be rebooted.

Now, normally when such things are done, you recast, like in the case of Marc Webb’s “The Amazing Spider-Man,” which other than Spider-Man himself shares little in common with the three films by Sam Raimi that proceeded it.

The problem comes when the lead in the current iteration of Batman, Christian Bale, expresses an interest in a fourth film.

Will producers of the new Batman be able to choose another actor (assuming that he is still interested, despite Nolan probably not directing) over Bale, who has already been extremely successful playing the character?

Will fans accept another actor in the role?  Prior to Nolan’s Batman various actors played the character (Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer and George Clooney) but other than Tim Burton’s original film, none of the others grossed as much as Christopher Nolan’s “Batman Begin.”

Nolan carries significant weight at Warner Bros., which has more than a little to do with him  overseeing Zach Snyder’s Superman reboot, “Man Of Steel.”

So, hypothetically speaking, if Christian Bale really feels the need to headline a fourth Batman film, is Warner Brothers and Christopher Nolan (who will probably not be directing the film, but I imagine will have some say as to who is cast), really going to choose Ryan Reynolds instead?

Anything is possible, but let’s say that I would be more willing to buy shares in RIM (Research In Motion), since I would at least have something to show for the money I lost.

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