‘Dredd’ Trailer Set On Frag!

The image to the right is the one of the last from the trailer for Pete Travis‘ “Dredd,” and it looks like Karl Urban has nailed the look, though in the comics he generally appears thinner, almost gaunt, though other than that, he looks good.

What Danny Cannon’s 1995 version did right–for the most part–was the vision of Mega City One, which was very grand and sprawling.

In the trailer part of it looks like a modern slum by way of South Africa, which doesn’t quite work from what I recall of the comic series.

He even says, “I am the Law,” though I didn’t cringe when I heard it, which is a very good sign.

And in other matters, “The Amazing Spider-Man” is tracking toward $125 million over it’s first six days?  Admittedly it’s an event film, but at the same time, it doesn’t appear to be doing anything significantly different from Sam Raimi’s first trilogy (other than the introduction of the Lizard.)

So, while I expect there to be little in the way of blockbuster competition, that figures seems a bit grandiose.

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