What Does Sony Have Against Spidey?

First, Sam Raimi is forced to cram too many villains (by which I mean Venom, who he didn’t want to use) into Spider-Man 3; then Sony (essentially) cans him, as well as his cast and crew, rebooting the franchise  and handing the directoral reins to Marc Webb, who’s prior film was “500 Days Of Summer,” which was well-done and entertaining, though hardly what I would call an audition for something as massive as Spider-Man.

Webb’s “The Amazing Spider-Man” cost somewhere north of $200 million to produce, so you’d think that Sony–which isn’t doing too well in electronics (its core business), and a weaker-than-expected showing for Men In Black 3–would want to optimize how well a tent pole like that does at the box office.

Assuming that to be the case, why would you release your film on July 3, a Tuesday and a work day for most of us, when the next is a national holiday?

Now, I fully expect that there will be people who catch showings later that day, but I wouldn’t be surprised if viewership tapers off.

This leads me to ask:  Why not release it three days later, on the 6th.  This way the Fourth of July is out of people’s systems, and they’re revved up for some escapist entertainment.

Besides how expensive this film was to produce, I think that its primary import is to demonstrate that you can replace not only the lead actor in an almost billion-dollar franchise, but the entire production team, and have a success.

The last time that that was tried was with the ‘Batman’ films, with the director’s chair being occupied first by Tim Burton, then by Joel Schumacher, which didn’t nearly do as well as most of us would have liked.

Though in Marc Webb’s defense, I suspect that he”ll engage in less blatantly homoerotic imagery than Schumacher.

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