Batman Needs To Shed The Cape

Recently DC revealed the latest costume for Batman, via Comicbookresources.  Despite not being a huge fan of either DC Comics or the character, I really like it.  The current iteration of Batman is caped, and while it sticks with tradition, these days it doesn’t quite make sense. The character was originally created in the 1940’s with a design intended […]

The Flash – ‘My Name Is…’ Trailer

I don’t know what it is about Warner Bros superheroes.  For some reason, if the movies are any indicator, Metropolis and Gotham City are where dreams and hope go to die.  Overall, everything is dark (more so, at least in a physical sense, in Gotham) and gloomy, as if the inhabitants carried invisible weights upon their shoulders. And […]

Batmobile For Sale

Over the years, there have quite a few Batmobiles, with the vehicle changing whenever a new director helmed the franchise. For instance, here’s the Batmobile that appeared in the Tim Burton film. The next version is Joel Schumacher’s.  It’s a bit garish though there’s no denying that it’s a dynamic-looking vehicle.  Schumacher, if I recall, […]

Hanging At ‘Hemlock Grove’

“Hemlock Grove” is an oddly captivating series, less for its content – it lacks the blatant sexuality of “American Horror Story” as well as its hit-or-miss shock value – than the fact that Netflix is releasing it the same fashion as they did in the case of “House of Cards,” which is the entire series […]