Batman Needs To Shed The Cape

ComicbookmovieRecently DC revealed the latest costume for Batman, via Comicbookresources.  Despite not being a huge fan of either DC Comics or the character, I really like it.  The current iteration of Batman is caped, and while it sticks with tradition, these days it doesn’t quite make sense.

The character was originally created in the 1940’s with a design intended to strike fear into the hearts of criminals, with his cape being evocative of a bat’s wings.

In movies the most recent version of the character continues that tradition, and that’s the problem.  When Zach Snyder–director of Man of Steel as well as the upcoming Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice rebooted Superman he removed his shorts (so to speak), which were originally inspired by circus strongmen.

Which was a pretty bold move, and d probably pissed off more than a few purists.

Affleck Batman

Though the character, visually speaking, was the better for it.

Isn’t it time we did the same for the movie Batman, who’s cape seems to exist more for theatrical purposes than anything else (though there were instances in both Tim Burton’s and Christopher Nolan’s movies when they acted as wings–and during Joel Schumacher’s run it was used as a heat shield of sorts, though the less we talk about about that, the better–though for the most part it was exclusively ornamental.

In the context the character originally existed in, it made sense, though now it not only doesn’t impart fear, but it the comics and the movies were remotely realistic there would be characters dragging him by it, and either tossing him around the room, or pummeling him senseless after having done so.

So, while the new look Batman may be a bit controversial, it’s something that film makers need to start copying (it’s worth mentioning that the future variant of Batman–from Batman Beyond, also lacked the cape).

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