Are The Wachowski’s Re-entering ‘The Matrix?’

There’s talk about a new series of ‘Matrix’ films, and I think it’s an awesome idea.  The original story, about people fighting for the freedom to live in the world of the real, instead of a computer-generated facsimile, is a canvas broad enough that it can be easily be revisited. The most important thing is […]

‘Haunter’ Review

“I thought I told you to mind your own business.  You are a Busy Betty.  And I don’t like Busy Betties.” –The Pale Man There’s a memorable scene in the first ‘Matrix’ film where Morpheus gives Neo the choice of taking the blue pill, which would mean that he could return to his everyday “life” […]

Why is Quicksilver’s Costume So Bad?

When Bryan Singer premiered “X-Men,” his movie based upon Marvel’s team of mutant superheroes, in 2000, there was a lot of controversy over the costumes. Instead of following the comics verbatim, they were made of leather (which was more than a little bit inspired by “The Matrix,” which came out a year earlier). It was […]

(Refusing) The Role of a Lifetime

Marvel Studios upcoming “Thor” and “Captain America” look to be huge hits, but there’s no way of knowing before the films are released into theaters.  No one wants to be known for an unsuccessful film, which can potentially follow them their entire careers (John Travolta, no matter what he does, cannot shake the sheer, unrelenting […]