The Living – Review

“The Ties The Bind Are Nurtured By Blood” Jack Bryan‘s The Living is a pretty impressive thriller that revolves around a man, Teddy (a virtually unrecognizable Fran Kranz, Cabin in The Woods) who after a night of drinking beats his wife, Molly (Jocelin Donahue). He had no memory of it happening, but Molly’s bruised and bloody […]

Tom Cruise: Going Boldly

You know what?  I honestly think that Tom Cruise is a bit of a nut, and the feeling of well-being he often attributes to his faith are more than likely the insulating effects of money and influence. That been said, you have to give the guy credit because most any other actor–with the possible exception of […]

Mission Impossible 5: Rogue Nation – Teaser Trailer

As someone who’s enjoyed the television show that the Mission Impossible movies are based on it has always bothered me that the movies are essentially the Tom Cruise Show.  Sure, there’s a supporting cast, but unlike in the series, they’re there entirely to support Cruise’s Ethan Hunt. I understand that he’s a big star–though by no means […]

‘Earth To Echo’ Trailer

Earth To Echo looks like like a combination of (insert favorite found-footage movie here) and E.T. The Extraterrestrial.  It might be good, it might not, though I wonder how much it’s going to draw eyes from the Tom Cruise starrer Edge Of Tomorrow (which I still think would have attracted more attention if they had kept the title All […]

‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Trailer

Let me first come out and say that I think Tom Cruise is a pretty competent actor. That being said, I don’t think he can ever be great at his craft because he can’t seem to get over himself.  ‘Edge’ is Cruise-centered, as usual (which makes sense when you’re the star of a film) but […]

‘Jack Reacher’ Review

“”Jack Reacher” is a competent thriller, held back by the ego of its lead.” Christopher McQuarrie‘s “Jack Reacher” (based on the books by Lee Child) isn’t a bad movie by any stretch.  It’s well-done and surprisingly clever at times.  It also has some great fight scenes, though the film has a big problem. And it’s […]

A Recipe For (Potential) Disaster

First, take a great title like “All You Need Is Kill,” and change it to something as vague, as soapy-sounding as, I don’t know, “Edge Of Tomorrow.” Which reminds me of a Lady Gaga song, or “The Edge Of Night.” Then you add Tom Cruise – who’s box office powers has been somewhat uncertain as […]