Why ‘Pacific Rim’ Will Spawn A Sequel, Part II

In September of last year I wrote of how Pacific Rim Will Spawn A Sequel.  One of the reasons that I said that this was the case was because Guillermo Del Toro said at the time that he was writing it with Travis Beacham, who wrote the original with Del Toro.

Yesterday ScreenRant mentioned that Del Toro is no longer writing with him, but instead is working on the sequel with Zach Penn because he was no longer available (Travis Beacham is working on a new series, Hieroglyph, on the Fox television network).

That Del Toro is still working on a Pacific Rim sequel, despite the fact that his original writing partner is no longer available implies there’s enough interest on the part of Legendary Pictures that they are at least willing to see where a sequel would go (which I assumed would be co-financed with Universal Pictures this time around, as opposed to Warner Bros).

And that’s still not a guarantee that it will happen, though as I said, it shows that Guillermo Del Toro is still interested in revisiting the world that he’s built, which if all the planets align in their proper orbits, makes it even likelier that it will happen.

Though what a sequel to Pacific Rim needs most of all is to improve domestic performance, because I suspect that the foreign box office is almost built in, considering that the first film did really well, earning over $309 million.  What’s happened to Rim is similar to what’s currently going on with the Tom Cruise starrer Edge Of Tomorrow.  Currently it has earned just over $22 million domestically, yet over $111 million internationally, where apparently Cruise’s star shines brighter.

Also, when you take into account that Pacific Rim largely had no actors of the magnitude of Cruise–Idris Elba is growing, but he’s not quite of that stature–what drove people to the theaters was the subject matter and the marketability of Guillermo Del Toro’s name.

When you look at it that way, there’s no reason that a sequel wouldn’t do even better internationally, though hopefully the first film, being a known quantity, would lead to an increase in domestic box office as well.

And oddly enough, I think that the success of a sequel coming into being has a lot to with Del Toro’s upcoming gothic horror film, Crimson Peak.  That’s because it will also feature Charlie Hunnam and if reinforces the idea that Hunnam can carry a feature it makes it even more likely that there will be a sequel to Pacific Rim.

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