Trailer Into Reaction: Avengers: A-Day (2019)| Official Trailer

The trailer for the Square Enix video game Avengers: A-Day dropped a little while ago and while the CG is actually pretty decent–despite residing comfortably in the uncanny valley–the script appears really, really not so good in the sense that they don’t appear to get the characters right. For instance Iron Man/Tony Stark sounds almost […]

Avengers: Infinity War – Final Trailer

“Let’s talk about this plan of yours.” says Star-Lord, while Peter Parker looks on bemused, while Drax looks just grim. “I think it’s good, except it sucks. Let me do the plan, that way it might be really good.” “Wow.” Tony Stark relies, perfectly capturing how much of an ass he thinks Quill is in […]

Marvel’s Daredevil S2:E4 – Penny and Dime

I moved my Marvel’s Daredevil Season Two discussions from ‘Reviews’ to ‘My Two Cents’ because–as opposed to an actual review–I tend to discuss interesting points about the episode. Besides, to write an actual review mens that I would have to commit to a spoiler or two, which I have no intention of doing because, as Tony Stark […]

‘Ragnarok’ Trailer

I am not terribly familiar with the Norse concept of Ragnarök, though I do know that it revolves around the end of the world and all sorts of unpleasantness (which according to Wikipedia doesn’t typically include really large lizard-like monsters).  I should mention that I found this trailer while I was searching for the trailer […]

Movie Mistakes: ‘Iron Man 3’

Generally I don’t particularly care about these sorts of things, but having seen “Iron Man 3” perhaps more times than should be legal, I noticed this little error. Truth be told, it’s less of an error than the filmmakers apparently showing us what they can get away with when viewers are in awe over one of […]

Who Will Be…The Batman! Or Iron Man!

I have no idea, though neither does Margaret Lyons over at  She says that Christian Bale is definitely NOT returning to the Batcave.  Whatever anyone thinks about Bale – or his temperament – the man is Batman in the same way that Robert Downey, Jr. is Iron Man. But seeing that Downey has not signed up […]

A Bunch Of Superheroes Meet In A Bar…

That sounds like the opening for a joke, though think about it for a moment:  Superheroes probably want a drink sometimes (though not Tony Stark.  He  has problems knowing when to say “when”, if you know what I mean), so where would they go? This clip, couresy of Frog Island, answers that burning question.  By the way, […]