Who Will Be…The Batman! Or Iron Man!

I have no idea, though neither does Margaret Lyons over at Vulture.com.  She says that Christian Bale is definitely NOT returning to the Batcave.  Whatever anyone thinks about Bale – or his temperament – the man is Batman in the same way that Robert Downey, Jr. is Iron Man.

But seeing that Downey has not signed up for another Iron Man feature – despite the fact that “Iron Man 3” earned over a billion dollars – it shouldn’t be too great a stretch that Bale is out as Batman.  This fact is made clearer when you take into account that he has said in the past that, if Christopher Nolan isn’t coming back – he isn’t – then neither will he.

The interesting thing is that I suspect Downey, Jr. is more easily replaceable than Bale (in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Tony Stark, in future stand-alone Iron Man films, is played by Dominic Cooper, which would be very meta seeing that he played Tony Stark’s father in “Captain America) because his performance is arguably more iconic.

And he wasn’t a team player in Nolan’s Batman trilogy, which I suspect the reboot will somehow address.

2 thoughts on “Who Will Be…The Batman! Or Iron Man!

  1. While I could have accepted comparing Robert Downey Jr is Iron Man in the same way Sean Connery embodied James Bond, Bale’s Batman (and especially his Bruce Wayne) is nothing special and owes its popularity almost entirely to Christopher Nolan. In fact like James Bond, Batman is a perfect example of a movie franchise where the actor playing the title role is almost incidental.

    1. To a point, you’re right. Though keep in mind that not just anyone can be Batman.

      And I am not sure that I agree with your view about Christopher Nolan, if only because most people have no idea who directed what. What they see is Christian Bale as Batman.

      Change that, and there will be a bit of a disconnect, which is probably why filmmakers tend to give a movie time before rebooting it with different actors.

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