Marvel’s Daredevil S2:E4 – Penny and Dime

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I moved my Marvel’s Daredevil Season Two discussions from ‘Reviews’ to ‘My Two Cents’ because–as opposed to an actual review–I tend to discuss interesting points about the episode.

Besides, to write an actual review mens that I would have to commit to a spoiler or two, which I have no intention of doing because, as Tony Stark would say, ‘that’s a very dick move.’

If you recall, in my last post I compared Frank Castle to a shark, in that it is what it is, and does what it does.  It doesn’t hate you, it doesn’t love you; in fact it could care less one way or the other about you personally.

All it knows is hunger, and humans–despite our illusions about being at the top of the food chain–fill that niche quite well.

But the problem with that is that when a shark takes–or even attempts–to harm a human, we dedicate not insubstantial energy, time and expense to find, and kill, that animal.

Because while there may be plenty of animals that are powerful enough to kill us, when we set our minds to it no creature on Earth is as lethal.

So it goes with the Punisher, who after taken out seemingly half the gangs and mobsters in Hell’s Kitchen, becomes the hunted as the Irish mob decides to take a more proactive stance.

And despite Castle’s more than obvious feelings about the criminal element, he has a weakness that will be exploited by those that aim to do him harm.

This is particularly brutal episode, as it’s revealed that Castle is called ‘the Punisher’ not only because of the damage he’s capable of dishing out, but is capable of taking.

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