Marvel’s Daredevil S2: E3 – New York’s Finest: Review

“Why didn’t you take off my mask?”


“I don’t give a shit who you are.”

–Frank Castle, aka the Punisher

Those aren’t the words that begin the third episode of Daredevil’s Second season, though they might as well be because if there’s one thing that makes Frank Castle the most dangerous opponent Daredevil has ever faced, it’s his shark-like focus on whatever the task at hand happens to be.

And if you happen to be under attack by those wolves of the sea, it doesn’t help that it didn’t intend to attack you, or maybe your movements are vaguely evocative of a seal.

What matters most at the time is that it’s a dead-eyed demon is trying to use you as a blood-filled chew toy.

And remember the hallway fight scene for Season One?  They go bigger and badder this time around, as we get a glimpse of how dangerous a possessed by anger Daredevil can be.

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