Red Sky At Night

Now that MGM (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) is on more or less stable ground (after filing for bankruptcy in the latter part of 2010) the studio appears to be preparing the next outing of James Bond.  For the moment the new film is known as James Bond 23 (the ’23’ representing the 23rd film in the series).

Rumor has it that the the proposed title of the next film will be “Red Sky At Night“.  Now, what band would be better suited to provide the opening titles track than The Fixx, who actually has a song named “Red Skies At Night”?

This wouldn’t be the first time that the band has been considered for a James Bond theme.  “Tomorrow Never Dies” was originally going to use the song, “Fatal Shore,” from the Fixx album, Elemental, though at the last moment Cheryl Crow was chosen to sing the title track.

How do I know that the eponymous track from Tomorrow Never Dies being sung by Cheryl Crow was (relatively speaking) a last minute decision?

I don’t for certain, though I suspect that that’s the case because I have a live recording of “Fatal Shore,” and there’s actually a line that says, ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’, which also happens to be the name of the James Bond film that was supposed to feature the track.

Below is a video for “Fatal Shore,” by The Fixx (I was unaware of there being a video for the song when I found this on youTube, so I have no idea if it was released to support the song, or if it’s the work of a fan).

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