Dr. Strange

According to ComicBookMovie.com, the image above is The Eye of Agamatto.  You may be wondering, “What the heck is The Eye of Agamatto”?

If that’s what you’re asking, then you have probably never picked up a copy of Dr. Strange, Marvel’s Master of the Mystic Arts.

But there isn’t a Dr. Strange movie, so where does the image that’s pictured above come from?

The answer is that it comes from the upcoming “Thor” film.  In other words, this is a tease for a Dr. Strange feature film.  Before you say that this is a bit far-fetched, keep in mind that in the first “Iron Man”, Tony Stark had a prototype of Captain America’s shield in his workshop (which also saw duty in “Iron Man 2”).

Here’s a report from ClevverMovies (and yes, they do spell ‘clever’ with two v’s.) about the upcoming film, which probably be the first film from Marvel since it was purchased by Walt Disney (“Thor” and “Captain America” were developed with Marvel and Paramount Pictures).

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