‘The Invisible Man’ Redux

Edited 8/25 2239

David Goyer is preparing a version of H.G Wells’ “The Invisible Man” for Universal.  The problem with this is that he isn’t a very good director (I still haven’t recovered from the mess that was “Blade: Trinity“), and he tends to be an even worse one when he’s directing from his own writing, when there isn’t anyone to reign him in.

Which is why I am not exactly optimistic about “The Invisible Man.”  I could be wrong, after all ZigZag was a pretty strong directoral debut, but “The Unborn” and the aforementioned “Blade: Trinity?”

Not so much.

By the way, can anyone inform me why it is that David Goyer is seemingly the go-to guy whenever someone wants to make a move about anything remotely fantastical?  From Christopher Nolan’s ‘Batman’ films to television series like Fast Forward, it’s almost as if no one else exists.

Did anyone forget that this guy created a TV movie of Marvel’s Nick Fury (starring David Hasselhoff!)?

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