REview: The Invisible Man (2020) | A Story of Subverted Expectations (Whether You Want Them or Not)

I genuinely enjoyed Leigh Whannell’s The Invisible Man, despite being almost equally irritated by the movie in various ways. Though the worst transgression as far as I’m concerned is that it’s an “Invisible Man” movie where the invisible man is a secondary character in what’s typically – or should be – his own story. That […]

Sausage Party – Red Band Trailer

When a movie comes from Seth Rogen you typically don’t expect it to be terribly  sophisticated–though considering that he, along with producing partner Evan Goldberg, have developed a series based on Vertigo’s Preacher (which is getting rave reviews) it’s not any longer a terribly accurate interpretation–and if that movie were called ‘Sausage Party’ you probably […]

‘The Invisible Man’ Redux

Edited 8/25 2239 David Goyer is preparing a version of H.G Wells’ “The Invisible Man” for Universal.  The problem with this is that he isn’t a very good director (I still haven’t recovered from the mess that was “Blade: Trinity“), and he tends to be an even worse one when he’s directing from his own writing, when […]