Sausage Party – Red Band Trailer

When a movie comes from Seth Rogen you typically don’t expect it to be terribly  sophisticated–though considering that he, along with producing partner Evan Goldberg, have developed a series based on Vertigo’s Preacher (which is getting rave reviews) it’s not any longer a terribly accurate interpretation–and if that movie were called ‘Sausage Party’ you probably would expect it to hew closely to the Urban Dictionary definition of the phrase.

At least I did, though looking  at the trailer it actually seems pretty clever, almost Toy Story-esque, which is especially apt because in that movie the toys lived lives of their own when humans weren’t looking, and here it’s the case for food.

Which when you think about it, does as well, though that’s before we process the hell out of it.

Vaguely similar to H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine, with the food being the Eloi, and we the Morlocks, our produce thinks that it’s going to a good place, one beyond their wildest dreams.  In sense this is true, though not at all like anything that they imagined.

As I said, it’s actually pretty clever though the situation is bizarre enough on the face of it that the cursing–which I imagine earned it the ‘Red Band’ designation–sort of ruins it, making what looks like what could have possibly been a classic into something amusing, but a bit tawdry.






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