Science, Sorcery and Movies

Screenshot 2016-03-01 19.08.02Typically, when we’re talking about science, it’s in reference to something that can be proven (such as global warming, which despite what naysayers may say, is quantifiable) by a combination of observation, experimentation and tried and true trial and error.

Now sorcery doesn’t have as nearly as rigorous a system of validation, because we’re talking about something based on belief or faith, which is an intangible and by definition, unprovable.

Yet to determine whether or not a movie will be successful, you might as well be talking sorcery because there’s no algorithm that I am aware of that will–if you follow a certain series of steps–guarantee box office nirvana.

How else can the success of movies like Fox’s Deadpool be explained, or by the same token, the failure of Liongate’s Gods Of Egypt or Sony Pictures’ The Brothers Grimsby?  And the same thing applies for movies that their advocates would like you to think of as sure things, such as Captain America: Civil War.

For a start, the latest–and hopefully the last–trailer for the latest Captain America movie approached 100 million (94.7 million) views in less than 24 hours, an incredible amount.

Now keep in mind that views of a video doesn’t directly translate to butts in seats. which is where the ‘sorcery’ comes in (sort of).

What all those eyes glued to the trailer illustrates is interest, which is a very powerful thing, though a somewhat unquantifiable one as well.  There’s no one-on-one correlation between someone watching a trailer and that same person going to see a movie, but what a well-made trailer does is move it onto someone’s radar, and can even make an event of something that did not have that status prior to the trailer being revealed.

That being said, I am in the camp that says the movie will be a massive hit as well, but don’t take my word for it, check out this review from YouTube reviewer Grissle, who’s passion for the movie is almost overwhelming for him (and I mean that literally).

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