The Cause of the Academy Award Snafu Revealed!

I didn’t see last week’s Academy Award presentation mainly because I think as Americans we spend way too much time celebrating ourselves.

An award for this, an award for that; it seems like there’s one for just about every activity that you can think of.  And since they’re become so relatively common–maybe they’ve always been and I didn’t notice–that they feel progressively less meaningful.

And that’s not to say that they’re worthless, though they’re seem to be doing their damnedest to become so.

Then I heard about the Oscar snafu and wondered how it could have happened, especially since people of color having been overlooked by the Academy for a very long time now.

Though having seen the video below, I think I get it.


2017 Remake Of ‘The Usual Suspects’

I find Bryan Singer’s The Usual Suspects an irritating movie mainly because it’s not really as smart or as clever as it like to think that it is. 

Which is probably why I’m surprised to find that I really enjoyed this trailer from the sequel.

And Stephen Colbert in the role made famous by Kevin Spacey?  Genius. 

Monster Trucks – Trailers # 1 & 2

Seriously!?  Is there some pent-up demand for a movie that puts the ‘monster’ literally into ‘monster trucks?’  And to be sure, no one knew for certain that the Transformers movies would be the massive hits (reasons to this day, for the most part, beyond my comprehension) they ended up being prior to them being released. 

But I get the feeling that the fate of Monster Trucks will be not quite so grand.  Reason being, the most recent trailer is the second, and that was released about a month ago (I vaguely recall hearing of it, but that’s about it).  

I tend to seek out movie-related things to write about, and I barely had a clue this one existed.  

In other words, the odds that news about it is widely disseminated enough to generate some sort of buzz among the gemeral public are probably pretty low.  

Monster Trucks – Trailer One

Monster Trucks – Trailer Two

The Emoji Movie – Trailer

Seriously?  I guess that I shouldn’t be too 😱 that Hollywood is basing an entire movie on a concept as seemingly vapid as Emoji. 

The trailer reminds me vaguely of Pixar’s Inside Out, which if you’re going to be compared to something, is not a bad thing.  

Will I go to see it?  Probably not, since I passed my tenth birthday longer ago than I like to admit, though there are millions of text-happy young people who might be interested.  

Fist Fight – Trailer 1

screenshot-2016-09-26-00-53-21Richie Keen’s Fist Fight looks to be pretty funny (and Charlie Day looks pretty short, especially when you consider that Ice Cube can’t be any taller than 5’6, give or take) but it also looks particularly one-note.

And while I haven’t seen the movie, I get the feeling that it’s going to end one of two ways:  Ice Cube beats Charlie Day within an inch of his life (possible, though unlikely), or some deus ex machina enables Day to get out from receiving the beating of his life.

What I don’t expect to happen–unless the movie movie is much more clever than I give it credit for–is that Ice Cube somehow gets his arse handed to him by a guy that the trailer establishes as pretty incompetent as far as fighting goes.

The Edge of Seventeen – Trailer

Screenshot 2016-08-18 16.12.12.png

I don’t tend to be a comedy guy–I enjoy them, but don’t tend to go out of my way to catch one–but the trailer for Kelly Fremon’s The Edge of Seventeen really caught my attention.

First off, it apparently recognizes that the best comedy comes from tragedy, so there’s a girl, Nadine Byrd (Hailee Steinfeld), who’s doing her best to navigate the waters of rapidly approaching adulthood.

This journey is made even more perilous by her brother, who’s confident where she’s timorous, popular where she’s a wallflower.

And if that weren’t bad enough, he’s fallen for her best friend.

And there’s Woody Harrelson, a guidance counselor (or favorite teacher.  You really can’t tell from the trailer) of Byrd’s who acts, at times, as an unwilling witness to her angst.

And by the way, Tom Cruise, The Edge of Seventeen is a great title for a movie of this type.

‘The Edge of…’ just about anything is a terrible title for a hard sci-fi feature (which doesn’t apply to the Star Trek episode, City on the Edge of Forever because it issued from the always fertile mind of Harlan Ellison).

Sausage Party – Red Band Trailer

When a movie comes from Seth Rogen you typically don’t expect it to be terribly  sophisticated–though considering that he, along with producing partner Evan Goldberg, have developed a series based on Vertigo’s Preacher (which is getting rave reviews) it’s not any longer a terribly accurate interpretation–and if that movie were called ‘Sausage Party’ you probably would expect it to hew closely to the Urban Dictionary definition of the phrase.

At least I did, though looking  at the trailer it actually seems pretty clever, almost Toy Story-esque, which is especially apt because in that movie the toys lived lives of their own when humans weren’t looking, and here it’s the case for food.

Which when you think about it, does as well, though that’s before we process the hell out of it.

Vaguely similar to H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine, with the food being the Eloi, and we the Morlocks, our produce thinks that it’s going to a good place, one beyond their wildest dreams.  In sense this is true, though not at all like anything that they imagined.

As I said, it’s actually pretty clever though the situation is bizarre enough on the face of it that the cursing–which I imagine earned it the ‘Red Band’ designation–sort of ruins it, making what looks like what could have possibly been a classic into something amusing, but a bit tawdry.