Trailer Into Reaction – The Banana Splits (2019) | Official Trailer

If anyone had told me that there was a movie being released based on the 1968 television show I would have laughed because there’s no way today’s Internet-savvy children would get into for a bunch of guys running around like idiots in costumes.

Then if you had added that it would be a horror/comedy I would have wondered what was wrong with you that you would take something sacred (Not really, though seeing we’re dealing with the Interwebs I’m sure someone will make the claim) to my childhood and warp it.

I grew up watching The Banana Splits and the only “horror” I saw was how goofy the show was.

Deliberately so. That was part of its charm.

Apparently someone decided to cross these childhood icons with Five Nights At Freddy’s, which I must admit is pretty damn clever.

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