Tron To Tide You Over

You know there’s going to be a Tron 3, right?  Sure, there’s been no official announcement (yet), but the signs are there, the tea leaves have been read, and the entrails have been interpreted.

Correctly, I assume.

Until that news comes, here’s a little news on “Tron: Uprising,” the new Grid-based series from Disney XD, courtesy of Hero Complex.

And for all the doubters out there, look at the casting of the series:  Elijah Wood, Bruce Boxleitner, music by Daft Punk…production design by Daniel Simon, written by Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz.

Yeah, Disney’s clearly investing some serious resources (read: lots of money) IN A CARTOON for there to be no chance whatsoever to make the leap back to feature films.

Think of “Tron: Uprising” as the beginning of a campaign, a puzzle piece,  filling in the space right before “Tron: Legacy.”

When we have the a more complete picture of what’s been going on on The Grid, THAT’S when we will start to hear about the sequel.

Then again, that’s just me, reading the bones as I see ‘um

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