What ‘John Carter’ Must Do To Succeed, Part Two

Here’s the second, and probably final, post about what ‘John Carter’ needs to succeed, and is unfortunately it’s not something that Disney can do anything about at this point.

If they want this film to be successful, they should have called it almost anything but “John Carter.”

Now, keep in mind, this movie is based upon a book from Edgar Rice Burroughs called “A Princess of Mars.”

That’s not the best title I have ever heard, and films with ‘Mars’ in the title haven’t been all that successful at the box office, if “Ghosts of Mars,” “Red Planet (which is, basically, Mars),” “Mission to Mars,” and “Mars Needs Moms,” are any indicator, but ‘John Carter?’

Really?  I know that Andrew Stanton explained why that title was chosen, but ‘John Carter?’  Does ‘John Carter’ really embody everything that this film is about?  Does it tell potential viewers what the film is about?

Not as far as I can tell, at any rate.

Now, I enjoyed “Tron,” also from Disney, but would I have felt the same way about it if were called ‘Kevin Flynn?’

‘Alan Bradley?’

What about ‘Dr. Hans Reinhardt,’ as opposed to “The Black Hole?”

As I said, it’s too late to change it, though I imagine that someone at Disney is kicking themselves, especially since “John Carter” is tracking very weak.  You can’t blame the title for every problem the film may have, though it’s one more hurdle the film has to overcome.


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