‘2010: Zombie Apocalypse’ is SyFy Good

“2012: Zombie Apocalypse” is currently on Netflix, and it’s “Syfy Good.”  By which I mean, for a Syfy Channel production, it’s pretty good.  Now, if just about anyone else had produced it, it would be terrible.

Keep in mind that this is the same outfit that produced films like “Almighty Thor,” (which attempted to cash in on Marvel’s “Thor.”) “Mansquito,” “Mega Snake,” and “Man-Thing” (another Marvel Comics character, and a pretty mediocre Syfy movie).

So, for a Syfy Production, “2012: Zombie Apocalypse not only isn’t bad, but curiously watchable.

You know you’re in for an interesting time when you learn, though a voice-over, that in an effort to somehow slow down the spread of the zombies, someone–I assume the government–sets off an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) via an orbiting satellite.

Now, think about this for a moment:  In an effort to halt what is assumed to be a zombie plague, the U.S Government seemingly does something that kills all computers and things like motor vehicles, crippling itself and doing nothing at all to the zombies (there’s an earlier part of the montage that deals with the blowing up of bridges in infected areas, which makes much more sense) who could, frankly, care less.

Then there’s the millions of pixels that went into all the digital blood.  It isn’t done that well, though is so plentiful that you would think that at least some of it would get on one of our heroes.

That isn’t the case, because besides all the obviously digital arterial spray going about, none of it actually gets on anyone.

But what I thought was interesting were the questions raised about the fate of animals, and the effect of the zombie plague on them.

The biggest name in this film is Ving Rhames, and while he seems to be getting somewhat portly, at least he’s doing his own stunts (which consist primarily of running about, and swinging a big hammer).

That being said, at least it’s clearly him, unlike whomever it was doing similar things–minus the hammer–for Richard Gere in “The Double,” a movie that’s in its own way worse than “2012: Zombie Apocalypse,” mainly because it doesn’t realize how silly it is).

The acting is generally passable, and the (mostly) digital effects passable, which makes ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ a step-up from most Syfy Channel productions.

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