The Future Of Online Comics?

As the owner of an iPad 2, when I want something to read, I often search the iBookstore (Apple), Amazon (Kindle app), Barnes & Noble (Nook app) or Kobo (Kobo app) though if I want to read some comics, I tend to look elsewhere.

For instance, I have the Marvel and Dark Horse Comics apps, where I can download digital comics, though they don’t, visually speaking, take advantage of the iPad’s graphic capabilities.

TIll now.  There’s a company called Madefire, that features digital comics by well-known artists and writers like Liam Sharpe (a co-creator of the company), Gary Erskine, and Dave Gibbons.

The comics covers similar ground current ones do–both digital and traditional–do, though they add a 3D element (and occasionally music) that needs to be seen to be appreciated.

The initial run consists of six titles: “Engine,” “Treatment,” “Treatment: Tokyo,” “Captain Stone Is Missing,” “Mono,” and “The Irons.”

They all vary in terms of art and subject matter, though when their stable of creators and books grow, I suspect that Madefire is going to get very popular, very fast.

Though for some reason, I keep calling them ‘Mediafire,’ as opposed to ‘Madefire.’

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