‘Dredd’ Pleases Comic-con Audiences

Pete Travis’ “Dredd,” was unveiled at Comic-con recently and received an excellent response from attendees, though Deadline Hollywood raises the point that it may be difficult for it to find an audience.

That’s quite possible, though the comparison to films like “Punisher: War Zone” isn’t quite as valid as the reviewer may think because, unlike “Dredd,” ‘War Zone’ was very stylized, and not entirely faithful to the character (especially with the hyper-violence.  The Punisher, particular the Max version of the character, was very violent, but it didn’t necessarily come from Castle’s end).

The buzz from”Dredd” is that it’s very, very faithful to the character.  In fact, it’s so faithful that Dredd (Karl Urban) supposedly doesn’t once reveal his face, which is exactly from the comic.

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