Brian’s ‘Sinister’ Review

Scott Derrickson’s “Sinister” is an entertaining film, but a pervasive sense of  illogic stops if from being truly great.   

Scott Derrickson’s “Sinister” is an entertaining film, though unfortunately it’s not nearly as good as it could be, and the responsibility for that has to lain at the feet of Derrickson, who wrote (with C. Robert Cargill) as well as directed the film.

That being said, it has already brought in $18 million, on a three million dollar budget, so it’s almost like an opportunity to print money.

What “Sinister” does quite well is to combine the somewhat tired “found footage” genre with an engaging and interesting story, though it’s greatest failing is a lack of logic and consistency.

I enjoy horror and sci-fi, and am quite willing to suspend my sense of disbelief while watching them.  For instance, when watching “Star Trek” I don’t often wonder to myself how it is that their transporters can work in a non-sterile environment and not have the crew members on one end emerge combined with some sort of strange, alien virus or bacteria (I know that the device catalogs you down to the level of your DNA, and there are all sorts of buffers and filters so that the ‘you’ that begins the journey is the ‘you’ that is reassembled at the end, but go with me).

I can go with those sorts of things because they are consistent and don’t change the rules how they work from one episode to the next.

“Sinister” lacks this essential consistency, which took me out of the movie.  I can’t tell what it was, because I intend for this review to be spoiler-free, though I should say that it’s very difficult to behead someone, never mind cutting them into multiple pieces.

None of that would matter if the film were a tale of possession, because any sort of abnormal strength can be explained by the possessed having the strength of the evil spirit or demon that has possessed them, though in the case of “Sinister,” that reason doesn’t appear to exist.

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