Nicolas Cage Exorcises The Ghost Rider

It appears that Nicholas Cage has finally come to his senses, and is putting the Ghost Rider behind him.  2007’s original, directed by Mark Steven Johnson, wasn’t terrible, but it made a sophomore mistake, namely that it was pretty tame for a movie about a character that’s possessed by a demon.

The original film should have been in the vein of 1998’s “Blade,” which was an action film that didn’t skimp on the horror.  Guillermo del Toro’s “Blade II” upped the horror/action ante.

“Ghost Rider” took another route, and treated the character like a typical superhero (he’s been portrayed in both ways in the comics).  The first film, based upon a screenplay by David Goyer (who also wrote “Blade”) was supposedly gorier than Johnson’s final film though despite such shortcomings, it earned over $228 million worldwide.

The second Ghost Rider film, “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance,” directed by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor (of “Crank” and its sequel, among others) had the visual stylings that they are known for, but continued to neglect the scarier elements of the character.

Though more importantly, it did well enough at the box office, especially since it cost almost half as much as the original film ($57 million) and earned and earned almost $133 million dollars.

So the likelihood is great that we’ll see another ‘Ghost Rider’ film, though hopefully it will be more of a horror film, with a younger actor better suited for the character.

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