‘Elysium’ Trailer 2

Neill Blomkamp is the Real Thing.  By which I mean he’s managed to combine social commentary and action in a fashion that doesn’t alienate either audience.  His first film, “District 9” while excellent, could have easily been a fluke.

After all, it wouldn’t be the first time that a director sees a decline in their creative powers – like M. Night Shyamalan – after initially appearing to be the Next Big Thing.

This new trailer expands upon the theme of halves and have-nots – which were also explored in “District 9” – as Max De Costa (Matt Damon) because of an industrial accident ends up with five days to live.

That is, unless he can make it to Elysium, a space station where the well-to-do live in luxury and splendor (kind of like today, except they have decided to remove themselves from our presence entirely), in orbit above the Earth whom have the ability to cure most diseases and aliments that plague the bulk of humanity.

Of course, Secretary Rhodes (Jodie Foster) whom manages Elysium will probably not quite be so welcoming to the newcomers…

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