Jacob’s Ladder

Why?  Why?  Why?

Is there some vocal majority out there clamoring for a remake of “Jacob’s Ladder” that I am unaware of?

It’s not like Adrian’s Lyne’s film is the best psychological drama/horror film ever made (though admittedly it not the hugest sub-genre out there) though it is competent and atmospheric (and strangely downbeat, which fit the story).

And speaking of the story, it revolvesaround a postman, played by Tim Robbins, whom seems to be living a normal life, till he begins to have odd (and oddly terrifying) hallucinations.

What he appears to be going through is somehow connected to his experience as a soldier in Vietnam.  Danny Aiello co-stars as a physical therapist who’s more involved with what’s going on than he first appears.

What’s fascinating about the film is the uncertainty of what is actually happening, a tone that lasts throughout most of its running time though I can’t see that aspect translating to any sort of reboot because the original is somewhat demanding.

Which leads to my next question: If they made a movie that used similar ideas as ‘Ladder,” and called it something else, would anyone know the difference?

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