Do You Know That There’s A Petition To Remove Ben Affleck From Batman Role?

Does this sound a bit nutty to anyone else?  Zach Snyder, the director of 2013’s “Man Of Steel,” decided that Ben Affleck would play Batman in the upcoming sequel.  Now, I am not that crazy about that decision, but what I think is worse is that Tim Nasson has set up a petition to remove Affleck, and get Christian Bale back.

I understand that Bale has defined the character to most people, but he does not want to return as Batman.  Nasson doesn’t like Affleck in the role, or maybe he prefers Christian Bale or maybe it’s some combination thereof.

I get that, but what does he actually expect to happen?  A studio, financing a multi-billion dollar film is going to let a petition, no matter how many people want it to happen, to determine their policy?

Highly unlikely.

And while Ben Affleck wouldn’t be my first choice, he’s actually a decent actor.  He may not have the physicality of Christian Bale, but with training he can achieve that, though what I think is more important is that he’s – in my view – a warmer, more interesting actor that Bale.

So, I will not be signing that petition, and instead will wait to see how Affleck is in the role.

Who knows, he may surprise all of us.

2 thoughts on “Do You Know That There’s A Petition To Remove Ben Affleck From Batman Role?

  1. Terrible choice, might sign the petition.

    I can imagine him as a billionaire maybe but as the dark crusader who brings fear to hardened criminals I don’t see it at all!

    My interest in this film has dropped significantly, only a spectacular trailer will win me after this.

  2. Don’t Tim The Film Guy! I have to admit that when I first heard the news I had images of Clooney and Kilmer, but if Affleck were to muscle up a bit, it could work.

    And you know the trailer is going to be awesome, even if the movie is utter shite because if Zach Snyder can do anything, it’s make a movie look good.

    Which is not the same as it being good.

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