Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here: David Goyer & NBC Bring ‘Constantine’ To TV

Constantine (New 52)NBC is developing a series based upon DC’s Constantine (the ‘New 52’ version of the character, not “Hellblazer”), and I was OK with that, till I heard that David Goyer is one of the people behind it.  This is the guy that says Superman (essentially) letting thousands die ON TOP OF breaking General Zod’s neck in “Man Of Steel” wasn’t such a bad thing.

What he missed is that Superman is all about NOT KILLING.  ANYONE.  That’s not to say that no one has ever died by his hands, but it wasn’t a decision that came easily or lightly.

And it was never a first response to something as seemingly trivial as a threat.

But such a response isn’t unusual for David Goyer.  He’s also the person that thought – for some strange reason – that fans would be OK with Wesley Snipes’ Blade being upstaged by Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds in the execrable “Blade: Trinity (which was to be fair a cool concept trapped in an awful movie) that ended up being the worse performing of the trilogy.

Goyer also has a tendency to do what he thinks will attract attention, not necessarily what’s faithful to a particular character, which is why – as much as I think John Constantine is one of the best characters in DC’s canon – I don’t hold up much hope for this interpretation.

Oh well, at least Keanu Reeves won’t be starring.

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