‘The Walking Dead,’ Season 3 Is (Finally) On Netflix!

The Walking Dead For awhile I was wondering if the Third Season of “The Walking Dead” was ever going to show up.  The first episode, “Seed” is a particularly strong entry, as Rick and the gang discover an abandoned prison.  I have noticed that whenever an episode is directed by Ernest Dickerson, as ’Seed’ is, you know that you are going to get a strong entry.

For awhile I was thinking that I would re-watch the first two seasons – as I have become accustomed to binge-viewing – but I have waited too long for this season to turn up to spend my time covering territory I have already covered.

And while Season Three just arrived, here’s the Comic-con trailer for Season Four.

I really hope that George Romero directs an episode or two because, as essentially the Father of the genre, it would be good to see him helm a few.


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